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Are you looking at purchasing a home where you love the layout, but it happens to be heated by electric base board heaters and you are scared of what the cost of hydro might be to heat it? Fear not because there is a solution that will add value to the home and make it affordable for you to own and operate through the worst that winter can throw at you. Buying a home is a great time to contemplate a change like this.

Often with the help of your realtor you can use this minor short-coming of your dream home as a bargaining tool to help reduce the purchase price. Then with the help of a great mortgage broker you can secure the funds necessary to tackle the project of removing those costly base board heaters and replacing them with a full duct system complete with a gas furnace, central air conditioning, gas lines to appliances such as a range or a clothes dryer. There will be some minor construction required to conceal some of the ducting in the corners of rooms or the back of a closet.

There are a multitude of ways to run ducting so that it blends in with the aesthetic of the home that you fell in love with, without spoiling what you liked about the home or compromising the performance of your system. Let’s face facts here. Why would you purchase a home you really liked the look of and then make a bunch of changes to it that do not blend in? Secondly, why would you go to the trouble of having all this work done to end up with a home that is significantly different than the one purchased and the heating and cooling works marginally at best? If you work with Taunton Trades you can be guaranteed that not only will your heating and cooling systems work flawlessly but the home you love will not be turned upside down to make it happen.

By the way we have access to a number professionals such as seasoned realtors and mortgage professionals to assist with making all of this a reality, just give us a call and we can help you from there!

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