Humidifiers & Air Cleaners

These are two areas of most heating and cooling systems that are often overlooked. Properly sized and installed these peripheral units can enhance the operation of your system as well as increasing the equipment's lifespan while reducing the possibility of breakdowns. How is that possible you ask? Well for one, a high quality air filtration system will drastically reduce that amount of dust and airborne debris that finds its way onto your cooling coil.

A reduction in this dirt build up will allow your air conditioner to work more effectively which will shorten run times and increase the overall lifespan of the equipment. In the heating season a dirty cooling coil can cause heat produced in the furnace to have difficulty passing through the already tightly spaced fins of the coil. This can cause the furnace to overheat. If this happens often enough it can not only cause the furnace limit switch to fail but it will also cause fatigue to the material of the heat exchanger and shorten its usable life.

A properly sized flow through style humidifier will make your home feel more comfortable and cozier in the winter. The right amount of moisture in the heated air of your home can allow you to feel warmer at a lower temperature which will help to reduce your overall heating costs. On top of that no one likes getting shocks from surfaces in your home. Let’s face it, you are never expecting it and sometimes it just plain hurts. Heating the air in our homes dries it out.

Dry air in the home will wick moisture out of everything around it which leads to dustier environments in our homes. With a properly installed humidifier and air filtration system these conditions can be controlled easily.

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