Hot Water Boilers

There have been many advancements in the field of hot water heating equipment in recent years. It is possible to have a wall hung high efficiency unit replace your old floor mounted model. Not only are some of these new boilers achieving efficiencies of more than 95%, they are much more compact.

This can free up some much needed space in the room in your home where your heating system is housed. Not only that but because these units operate at lower temperatures and vent through special plastic vent piping materials you don’t have to worry that items in that same room with the boiler may overheat or become damaged as was the case often with the older style boilers. Another option with this type of high efficiency system is something called an indirect hot water heater.

You can utilize your new boiler to heat your domestic hot water. When properly sized the units can provide the best of both tank and tankless hot water heaters. Call Taunton Trades today to schedule a visit to your home to receive a thorough and professional assessment of your heating needs and let us tailor a solution specific to you.

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