The summertime breeze doesn’t only bring a wave of refreshing and cooling sensation. For some, the summertime breeze stirs about unavoidable allergens. Having allergies in the summer is annoying to say the least, but rest easy knowing that the air quality within the comfort of your own home can help reduce that number of allergens you’re exposed to, thus helping relieve you of your symptoms.

The first thing to do to achieve better air quality is to keep allergens out and remove them when they come in. You can do this by following the suggestions below:

    • Avoid spending time outside during pollen-heavy times (mid-morning and mid-afternoon)
    • Use outdoor and indoor doormats to catch allergen particles
    • Immediately change clothes if you’ve spent a lot of time outside so that potential allergens on clothes
      do not spread. To really get rid of allergens, take a shower, too.
    • Vacuum and dust regularly to prevent allergens from blowing around.
    • Limit the use of ceiling fans to also prevent allergens from blowing around.
    • Change furnace filter regularly.
    • Use an air purification system that works with your air conditioner


When you use HVAC systems to cool your home in the summer, allergens can enter into the air circulation and spread around your home. By adding an air purifying system to your HVAC system, the air that gets circulated through your home is cleansed of unwanted pollutants and allergens that would otherwise irritate you. It is an ideal way of ensuring that the inside of your home does not make your body react as badly to allergies as the outside of your home does.


In addition to that, installing a dehumidifier can also keep you’re the allergens in your home at bay. Humid air can cause mold and mildew growth and increases the level of dust mites and other allergens in the air. Installing a dehumidifier will reduce the likeliness of this happening and keep your air as pure as possible.


Until we reach a cooler temperature for the autumn season, allergies will continue to be a problem for many people. Be sure that you protect yourself and your family from allergens as much as you can by following these simple suggestions. If your HVAC unit needs attention or if you’re interested in an air purifier or dehumidifier, contact us today at 905-493-4227 or email us