Why Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Run All The Time

July 29, 2019
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

It is easy to answer the question of whether your air conditioner should run all the time. Putting it simply, the answer is “absolutely not”. There are many elements that go into this answer though which should be understood so that homeowners can understand why it is not cost or environmentally effective to keep your AC running at all times.

Firstly, your AC should only be running when it is hotter than normal outside. When this heat becomes unbearable, it is responsible to turn on your AC so that you can comfortably function within your home. Also be mindful of this if you have pets in your home.

Your AC should not run endlessly for days on end. It should be functioning on a replenishing basis where it runs for a period of time in order to keep your home at your desired temperature and turn off again until necessary. There are many sophisticated AC units that can be programmed to run and turn off at particular times or be managed from your smartphone.

Your AC may be overworking itself or running all the time due to a couple key reasons:

– The airflow is blocked

– The evaporator coils are dirty

– Refrigerant is leaking

– The AC unit is the wrong size

– The AC unit is old and needs replacing

Choosing the right AC unit from the start and having it professionally installed is the best way to avoid problems with your AC. Taunton Trades supplies the best AC unit brands to keep your home cool and refreshed. If you’re interested in air conditioning units that will work best for you, contact us today at 905-493-4227 or


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