Why You Should Only Hire Professionals For Air Conditioner Installations

August 29, 2022
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Installing HVAC systems takes a lot of time and effort! Although you might want to save on costs by hiring the less expensive contractor, or you may be contemplating completing most of the work yourself, there are many reasons as to why you should get a professional to install your air conditioner. Learn why you should only hire professionals for air conditioner installations down below.

1. Rules And Regulations

When it comes to installing HVAC systems, there are many rules and regulations that one needs to keep in mind. You should insist on only hiring licensed and insured professionals to complete the installation of your air conditioning system. You are also within your right as a consumer to ask for proof of such licensing and insurance. Most licensed professionals have obtained years of training through an apprenticeship and are proud of this accomplishment; therefore, they are happy to provide licensing proof when called upon to do so. They have attended many hours of schooling and have successfully completed a government administered examination in order to legally service and install air conditioning systems. It should also be noted that having an unlicensed HVAC contractor perform work in your home could have negative implications with your insurance in the event of property damage that may occur as a result of that contractor’s actions.

2. The Size Will Be Right

There are two aspects that need to be considered when discussing the “size” of an air conditioning unit.  These are the physical size of the outdoor unit, and the capacity of the system. The outdoor component of air conditioners are large units that can fit only in certain spaces. When you hire a professional to install your air conditioner, they will make sure to measure the space you have available and then help you choose the right AC unit for your space. There is also an even more important aspect to choosing the right AC which is the “capacity” of the air conditioning system. A trained and qualified professional will be able to assist you with choosing an air conditioner with the appropriate capacity to cool your home effectively and efficiently. With the right sized air conditioner, you can rest assured that your house will be cooled in the most efficient way possible, even on the hottest days of the cooling season.

3. It Is Safer

Whenever you replace an old HVAC system and install a new one, it is always safer when a professional does it. The refrigerant that is used in AC units is under high pressure and can be dangerous if mishandled. While the refrigerant is sealed into the air conditioning system, mishandling can lead to personal injury and possible property damage. However, if a professional is installing your air conditioner, they will know how to avoid these hazards, thus making it a safer installation process for you and your family.

4. Specialized Tools And Experience

While you may have watched multiple videos on how to install an AC unit, nothing will compare to getting the work performed by an experienced individual. The tools alone that are required to complete this work properly are expensive and require training in order to be used correctly. A professional has been trained to work with these tools, the refrigerant, electrical wires, and AC units in general. A professional, licensed HVAC contractor will have the specialized knowledge required to do the work safely and properly.  They will know the procedures necessary to install your air conditioner in a manner that will ensure it runs properly for years to come. Working with a professional means that they will get the job done efficiently, and correctly! Having a professional install your air conditioner also makes it likely that you will extend the life of your AC unit and reduce the costs of having to repair it in the future.

After reading this blog, we hope you understand the importance of why you should only hire professionals for air conditioner installations. If you have more questions or concerns about installing AC units, call Taunton Trades at 905-493-4227 or email us at to get answers to all your questions today!


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