Why You Need A Ductless Heating System In Your Home This Fall/Winter

October 14, 2021
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Did you experience lots of trouble last year with your current heating system? Perhaps your heater was not sufficiently heating your home, leaving areas cooler than need be. Maybe your heater was making too much noise, reducing the comfort level of your home. Or maybe you noticed your energy bills being higher than usual even though you operate your heater at the same level you always have. All of these factors are indicators that your heating system is likely in need of a replacement.

When selecting a new heating system, it can be tough to decide what option would be best for your home. One of the best options on the market for heating your home is through a ductless heating and cooling system. Having been used for decades in Asia and Europe, ductless heating systems are now becoming extremely popular in Ontario. Ductless systems can provide both cooling and heating by using a single heat pump. There are endless benefits to choosing a ductless system for your heating this fall/winter season. To learn more about some of these reasons, keep on reading.

No Bulky Ductwork

One of the main benefits of ductless systems is no bulky ductwork is required for installation! Ductless units simply can be attached to your wall using small refrigerant lines connecting to an outside unit, eliminating the need for bulky ductwork throughout your home and enhancing its appeal.

Different Climates In Each Room

Benefit from custom adjustments to your heating and cooling needs throughout your home with a ductless system. It is easy to heat one room and cool another room if needed, keeping your home at its optimal comfort level.

Cut Your Heating Costs In Half

ENERGY STAR certified ductless heating pumps can cut your heating costs up to half as the heat pumps transfer heat rather than generate it, allowing these systems to use 60% less energy than standard home electric resistance-based heating systems.

Want to learn more about how you can get started with ductless heating and cooling systems in your home today? Taunton Trades is one of the top-heating contractors in Whitby, providing installation, maintenance and repair for ductless heating and cooling systems. Taunton Trades provide expert HVAC services throughout the Durham region. For more information, contact us today at 905-493-4227 or send us an email at


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