When Should You Get A Furnace Replacement?

December 12, 2022
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Furnaces are undoubtedly essential components of the Canadian household as they control the heating during freezing winters and help you keep warm. However, with time and usage, the efficiency of your furnace deteriorates. This can lead to costly furnace maintenance and repairs which will ramp up your energy bills. So how can you tell whether you need a furnace replacement or another case of furnace repair to solve the issue? Here are 5 signs that tell you it is time for a furnace replacement:

Furnace Systems Over 15 Years Old

Furnaces usually lose their efficiency after 15 years. So, if your furnace has been installed for more than 15 years, you can seriously consider upgrading your furnace to a newer model instead of going for a furnace repair. This will not only provide you with an efficient system but will also reduce your electricity bills. When purchasing a newer model, you should look for the Energy-star symbol, which is the trusted and global benchmark for high-efficiency products. With a new and energy-efficient furnace, you can reduce your energy costs by 40% or more, according to some estimates.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Do you notice that some parts of your home get too hot while others remain too cold? Or is your furnace unable to keep your home warm during winter? The first thing you can do is check if there are any leaks in the duct. If that is not the case, it means that your furnace is too old to do its job, and you need to replace the furnace as soon as possible.

Frequent Repairs

Another sure sign that you need a new furnace is when your unit breaks down frequently. You may not even realize that with the number of dollars you are spending on frequent furnace repairs, you can purchase a brand new, energy-efficient furnace system, and the furnace replacement cost will offset those repair costs within a short time.

Poor Air Quality

If you notice your home has too much dust or if the people in your home suffer from colds and allergies frequently, it is a sure sign your furnace has lost its efficiency. Sometimes, furnace filter replacements can provide a quick fix to the problem. However, aging furnaces can produce high amounts of carbon dioxide, and sometimes even carbon monoxide which can show up as soot around vents. Since this is extremely harmful to the occupants you should consider replacing your furnace immediately.

Odd Sounds Or Odours

When you turn on the furnace, it should operate noiselessly. However, if you are hearing loud and strange sounds from your furnace system, such as grinding or whistling sounds, it could mean it is time for a replacement. In addition, old furnaces can produce unpleasant odours if they have mold in ducts or worn-out wirings. This not only impacts the comfort level but also deteriorates the occupant’s health, which is why looking into a home furnace replacement is vital.

Still unsure whether to replace your furnace? If you are still undecided whether you should get an entire furnace replacement, you can consult an HVAC expert. A professional licensed HVAC technician can provide a better recommendation upon furnace inspection and help you decide whether it is beneficial to replace or repair your furnace. 

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