The Benefits Of Installing A Ductless Cooling System

April 13, 2022
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Ductless cooling systems are a popular way of cooling down the home that carry a number of advantages. Many homes still use traditional methods of cooling such as central air conditioners and window units. If you are using one of these systems and are looking to upgrade, here are the advantages of installing a ductless cooling system in your home.

Easy To Install

One of the major benefits of ductless cooling systems is how easy they are to install. Ductwork is not required to install a ductless cooling system and their compact size allows you to install the system in many different areas of your home. You will also not have to carry around heavy units in and out of your window every change of season.

Energy Efficient

Ductless cooling systems are very energy efficient. Ductless air conditioners use inverter technology that is highly energy efficient. Most ductless cooling systems are also energy-star certified.

Save Money

Since ductless cooling systems are easy to install and are energy efficient, the system can also help you save money. Repairs are also easier with ductless cooling, resulting in less costly repairs.

Better Temperature Control

With ductless cooling, you have the flexibility to control the temperature to your liking in each room. A luxury that many air conditioning units cannot offer!

Save Space

Ductless cooling systems are very discreet, and can even be installed in the ceiling, allowing you to not lose any interior wall space.

Heat Your Home

One of the most appealing benefits of ductless cooling systems is that they also can function as a heating unit due to the implementation of ductless heat pumps. This makes ductless cooling systems the perfect all in one unit!

Air Quality

With no ductwork, there is little opportunity for dust, mold, insects and rodents to hide out when using a ductless system! Ductless cooling systems also offer heavy duty air filtration, allowing for improved air quality within your home.

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