Prepare for Summer with Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

April 19, 2023
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

With spring already upon us, it is only a matter of time before you start using the air-conditioner at home. Before transitioning to the hot summer days, it is essential to ensure that your air-conditioning unit is well maintained and functioning properly to avoid any unforeseen emergency air conditioning malfunction. 

With these expert tips for air conditioning maintenance, get your system prepped and enjoy a comfortable summer season. Before turning on your air-conditioner unit, make sure you do a thorough inspection of the following things: 

Check The Outdoor Condenser Unit 

If you notice that your outdoor condenser unit is blocked with debris, fallen leaves, and branches, clear the surrounding area so that nothing blocks the airflow. Otherwise, having a blocked outdoor unit can reduce the overall efficiency of your system and can also damage the internal system.  

Examine The Wiring 

Another point of inspection before turning on your AC is checking the wiring to see if there is any wear or tear or loose connections. If you see any sign of damage, call a professional HVAC service provider before turning on the unit. Also, check the electrical circuits to make sure they are turned on. 

Inspect The Refrigerant Line 

Check that the refrigerant line is properly insulated. Refrigerant lines are insulated copper lines that transport refrigerant between your outdoor and indoor AC units. They are an essential part of the cooling system since they allow the condenser and coils to transport and displace the heat from your home. If they are not properly insulated, make sure to get them repaired by an HVAC professional. 

Check The Indoor Air Vents 

You also need to inspect the indoor air vents to make sure they do not have restricted airflow due to drapes, furniture, boxes, or something else. Ideally, your vents should also be clean and dust-free to optimize the performance of the unit. 

Look Out For Cracks Or Leakages In The Ductwork System 

Before turning on the air-conditioner, you should also examine the exposed ductwork so that there are no cracks or leakages that can cause loss of air and reduce the cooling efficiency of the unit. If you notice any leaks or cracks, have them repaired before the peak season starts. 

Replace The Air Filter 

Do not forget to change the air filter before the next season as they can accumulate dust and debris and reduce the efficiency of your unit. Typically, you should change the air filter every three months, or sometimes even after one month, if you have pets or depending on climate conditions.  

Make Sure The AC Drain Line Is Clear 

You should also make sure the AC drain line is not clogged, as an accumulation of dirt in the drain line can result in damage to your home due to stagnant water. It is recommended that you have the drain line cleaned by a professional at least once annually.  

Turn On The Air-Conditioning Power 

Your air-conditioning unit needs to have the power turned on to it for it to operate. If you have verified that the breaker and the service switch are both in the ‘on’ position, and it is still not running, then you need to hire a professional to solve the problem. 

Get A New Smart Thermostat 

If you have an outdated thermostat, upgrading to a smart thermostat can improve the efficiency of your system and reduce energy bills throughout the season. 

Get an early start and enjoy a cool and comfortable summer by scheduling a professional HVAC inspection of your air-conditioning unit with Taunton Trades. Call us at 905-493-4227 for more info or send us an email at


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