How To Save Money On Air Conditioning Costs

July 15, 2019
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Using your air conditioner throughout the summer can dramatically increase your electricity bill. Although you may want the comfort that an air conditioner can bring to your home, you may not want the rise in cost. Here are some ways that you can bring that cost down and save yourself some money throughout the summer.

Clean AC Filters Regularly
Dust and debris will always find it’s way into the filters of your air conditioning unit. This will make it use more power to reach the temperature you require because it has to work harder to flow past the blocked areas. Clean your filter and replace it regularly to avoid higher costs due to this issue.

Close All Vents In Lower Area of Your House
Hot air rises while cool air falls, which is why you basement is usually always cold in comparison to the upper floors of you home. Redirect cool air by closing the vents in the lower floors of your home, thusly allowing it to settle an area that it is required.

Use Ceiling Fans For Air Circulation
As mentioned, cool air falls. A ceiling fan can help circulate it instead of allowing it to settle. Indoor fans help make your space feel significantly colder than it may actually be and acts like a fresh breeze from within your own home!

Schedule an HVAC Check Up Annually
Making sure that your systems are working effectively and efficiently is important.
A faulty or overworked system can be costing you lots of money that you could’ve instead been saving. Schedule annual HVAC checkups to get your unit cleaned, checked, and repaired if it is required.

Applying these tips to your home air conditioning usage will result in major savings on your electricity bill this summer. If you’re interested in air conditioning units that will work best for you, contact us today at 905-493-4227 or


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