How To Keep Your HVAC System Pest-Free?

January 31, 2020
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

The biggest problem with HVAC system comes when you need to service it. In case pests find their home inside your HVAC system, the servicing cost skyrockets many folds. The reason is, they either nest there or make it their home and damage your HVAC system. Moreover, they find a way to enter your home through the ducts. Pests and insects like rodents, snakes, roaches, etc. find dark and shaded places perfect resting grounds. Homeowners, therefore, need to take extra care to keep their HVAC system pest-free. How? Let’s find out…

Scan around for signs
You’ll easily know you have a pest problem if you notice animal feces in the surrounding areas of your furnace. If that’s the case, call pest control immediately to reduce the chances of pests getting inside and completely infesting your unit.

Seal the Ducts and vents
Pests can easily find their way and enter your HVAC system through the ducts. Scan thoroughly for any crack or holes in it. If you find even a minor crack, seal it immediately by using a foil tape. Alternatively, hire a professional if the hole is too big.

Install Air Vent Screens
Pests and small insects enter through the air vents. Although you cannot close it, you can use an aluminum wire mesh to cover it. Thus, minimizing the chance of having a serious insect or pest invasion. However, avoid blocking the exhaust pipe and intake air pipes of your gas-fired appliances for safety reasons since pests rarely try and enter through these vents. It is always a good idea though, to inspect and ensure the holes or gaps around these pipes are properly sealed with silicone caulking.

Keep the surrounding area clean
It is important to scan and keep the surrounding area of your HVAC system clean. If you find any vegetation growing around, clean it. Hire a professional cleaning or pest control service and keep the surrounding areas of your machine clean. Also, make sure to change the filter regularly. This will keep your machine pest free.

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