How To Cover Your Air Conditioner To Prevent Winter Damage

February 26, 2020
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Some homeowners do not understand the importance of covering their Air Conditioner during the winter. Even if your place of residence does not receive heavy winter conditions such as snow, rain, and ice, it is still highly recommended to cover your air conditioner in order to prevent winter damage or any other environmental and unforeseen danger. Here’s exactly what you should do when covering your air conditioner.

DON’T wrap it in plastic
You shouldn’t be wrapping your air conditioner in plastic because plastic is a material that cannot breathe. Although one may think plastic is super effective in keeping out the weather and other seasonal things, it will also be super effective in trapping in condensation and potentially damaging your air conditioner. The warmth that the plastic provides may also invite insects and other unwanted pests to take up residence in your air conditioner throughout the colder seasons damaging it.

The RIGHT way to cover your air conditioner is:

– Use a breathable material (fibrous, thick material)
– Cover the top with plywood and weigh it down with bricks and/or rocks. This will shield your unit from snow and ice buildup.
– Plant shrubs around the unit. This will protect from wind and blowing snow.
– If possible, cover it with an awning to keep out unwanted precipitation.

The final step:
Be sure to periodically check on your Air Conditioner throughout the winter. Although you have taken these extraneous steps to protect it, there is always a chance that the weather has gotten the best of your precautions and that your unit needs some attention.

If you follow these 4 steps and take heed of this advice, you are likely to have a perfectly functioning and undamaged Air Conditioning unit when summer comes around! If you were experiencing trouble with your AC unit in the season before or would like to have it routinely maintained, call Taunton Trades today at 905 493 4227 or email us at


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