How To Correctly Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

June 15, 2021
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Filters are one of the most essential parts of your Air Conditioner, Furnace, and/or Home Duct system. They work hard to prevent dust, grease and small particle build up within your unit. It is important to ensure that your air filter is clean and functioning at all times, as a clogged filter can result in poor performance and higher electrical bills. Here are some tips to clean your filter and get it back to its optimal state.

Cleaning Window Air Conditioning Filters

Window air conditioning and some ductless AC indoor pump filters are the easiest to clean and are typically made of either a sturdy foam or a fine mesh. To clean mesh screens, simply wash in warm soapy water and rinse well. Always allow the filter to completely dry before putting it back in the unit. Foam filters should be replaced with a new filter that can be made at home from foam sheets purchased at a home supply store.

Cleaning Warm Air/Traditional Furnace/Whole Home Duct Systems

Air filters in these types of units are of the replaceable/throw away variety. Dependent on the thickness (typically 1″ to 5″ in thickness) and MERV rating (typically 8 to 13 ) of these filters; these factors, along with the type of lifestyle the occupants¬†have and the number of pets, in home renovations, and various other activities that can cause/create dust will determine the interval at which these will indeed¬†to be changed.

Cleaning your air filter is a crucial step in the long-term maintenance and effectiveness of your HVAC investment. The experts at Taunton Trades can help ease your worries in making sure your units are clean while providing expert guidance alongside your routinely scheduled checkups for your air filters and units. Taunton Trades proudly serves the Durham and GTA regions, including Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa and more! Contact us by calling 905.493.4227 or email to get started!


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