How To Best Prepare Your Furnace For The Winter

December 21, 2021
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Winter is upon us and preparing your furnace for winter is something that many homeowners may forget to do, but is an extremely important step in preparing your home this winter! Below we’ve prepared some tips on how to best get your HVAC system ready for the long winter ahead!

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat correctly for the winter weather will ensure that your furnace is working well and that your home is kept warm, while ensuring that your system remains energy efficient. In order to switch over from cooling to heating, set the temperature a few degrees higher than your current room temperature. In order to save energy you can program your thermostat or smart thermostat system to the lowest setting that is comfortable for you in order to save the most amount of energy.

If your furnace is experiencing difficulty switching over to its heating setting, it is best to get support from your trusted heating contractor to come and check out your HVAC system.

2. Change The Air Filters

Changing or cleaning the air filters of your HVAC system can help prolong its life as it will help keep particles out of your HVAC unit. These filters should be changed or cleaned every few months, and doing this as a part of preparing your furnace for the winter is the perfect time.

3. Remove Any Obstructions

When the heat is on in your home, have you ever noticed some rooms feeling colder than others? Often this can be caused by items that are obstructing registers, radiators and baseboard heaters. In order for your home to be best prepared and your furnace to work its best, take some time to inspect all areas of your home to ensure that there is nothing obstructing these areas and that your vents are also open so that heat can pass through easily.

4. Set Up A Maintenance Check

A furnace inspection is the best way to ensure that your furnace is working well before the heating season hits full on. A professional HVAC specialist will ensure that your unit is running at its optimal efficiency, and will catch any minor problems before they become major.

The furnace experts at Taunton Trades in the Durham Region are ready this holiday season to assist you with all your furnace-related needs. Connect with us at 905-493-4227 or email us at to get started today.


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