How Does Humidity Affect Your Home In The Winter?

January 10, 2022
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Humidity is something that many of us worry about during the summer seasons, as a humid home can cause muggy conditions indoors. What many of us may forget to consider, is how humidity can affect your home in the winter as well!

Humidity is defined as a measure of the amount of water content in the air. Typically the warmer the air in your home, the more humid your home can feel. When warm and moist air hits a cold object, you get condensation. This can happen to your windows on a cold day as the air in your home is warm due to heat, and if your windows are not energy efficient, then moisture will collect on your cold windows.

On the other end of your spectrum, if the humidity level is low in your home during the winter, the air can become extremely dry. This can cause the wood fixtures in your home to become dry and cracked and can also make you and your family’s skin, throat and hair dry.

So what happens if the condensation level in your home is too high? The water on your windows can soak into the window frame and leak into the wall eventually causing mold to form and the wood to rot. Problems such as these that arise from high levels of humidity in the home can be extremely costly to fix. At the same time, high levels of humidity can also aggravate allergies, cause problems sleeping and more.

There are other factors that can affect the humidity level in your home, including poor insulation causing air leaks into the home and cooking which can cause an increase in moisture in the home.

So how can you manage the humidity levels in your home so you can prevent the issues listed above from occurring? A furnace humidifier can help you achieve the optimal level of humidity in your home, to prevent humidity levels hitting too high or too low during the winter season.

Taunton Trades offers a wide selection of humidifiers for your home as well as can assist in repairing challenges related to existing humidifiers in your home that may be causing these issues or more. Connect with the HVAC professionals at Taunton Trades in the Durham Region to assist you with all your HVAC related needs this winter! Call us at 905-493-4227 or send us an email at


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