Facts & Myths On The Usage Of Your Furnace In The Winter

January 17, 2020
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

A furnace is a must to keep your home warm from extreme winter temperatures. Most homeowners in Canada have a furnace installed in their homes. However, it is important to use it effectively and efficiently. People using furnaces believe in certain myths which are not always true. Unless you know the right facts about the usage of furnaces, you’ll end up paying furnace repair charges often. Let’s check a few facts and myths on the usage of a furnace in the winter.

Important facts and myths on the usage of a furnace that you must know.

There is a myth going around that closing vents in empty rooms can help save energy and money. But that’s not really true. In fact, if you close the vents, there is more air-pressure build-up on the furnace to make it work harder. Heat can evenly flow around only if the vents are left open. But in case of closed vents, this doesn’t happen. If your heating system is forced to work harder, it will eventually collapse and you will have to look at repairing or servicing that furnace.

People tend to increase the temperature of the furnace to heat the room quickly. The actual fact is, it doesn’t work that way. The furnace heats up your room slowly and evenly. Hence, don’t keep changing the temperature. It will only increase your electricity bill.

If the floor is cold, people tend to believe that the heating system is not working properly. But this is not entirely true. Floors remain cold because of improper insulation. Once you get proper insulation done for your home, you’ll not face this problem again.

It is important to have your furnace functioning efficiently this winter to live in a warm and cozy home. If you want to talk to an expert about your furnace or need to get it serviced urgently, call us on 905-493-4227 or email us on


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