A Winning Attitude

September 30, 2019
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

What is it about some companies that make employees want to stay? What is it that makes some employees dislike their jobs and want to leave?

Many of the answers to these questions are very similar. It really boils down to whether some of these key ingredients exist at your place of employment or not.

How much emphasis is put on training? Good employers will send their technicians to manufacturers and suppliers for training days when they are available. They will also pay their technicians to attend these training sessions so there is no lost wages. Invest in your people and it will go a long way.

What is the culture of the company like? A good team type atmosphere goes a long way to ensuring that technicians feel good about their job and their employer. If a shop has good chemistry you will find that people look out for each other, support, mentor and train one another. They tend to share a common goal and have more productive and stress free days at work.

How much does your employer invest in technology? With the changing landscape of the service industry it is important to try to stay up to date with the latest trends in electronic time tracking, Internet based invoicing, shared documents and policies through services such as Google Docs and Sheets. This enables technicians and companies to move away from paper and have everything they need at their fingertips via a smart device (phone and/or tablet).

Does your employer have standard policies and procedures that lay out the expectations placed on the technicians with respect to the way in which certain tasks are to be performed? Is there clear instruction about dealing with customers, or the steps that should be followed when completing a furnace installation? SOP’s or Standard Operating Procedures ensure that everyone performing similar tasks has the ability to know and understand what is expected of them. It also enables more seasoned technicians to bring less experienced technicians up to speed more easily as they can refer these lesser-experienced workers to these SOP’s as reference materials.

Does your employer do anything to show appreciation for a job well done? When a customer provides positive feedback about a service you provided, or a review is written that specifically names you as the rock star that provided that knock your socks off customer service experience, are you told about it, are you rewarded in any way? Something as simple as a prepaid coffee card or a restaurant gift card goes a long way towards letting employees know that above and beyond their wage, there is appreciation of their efforts.

If some or all of these things are missing from your current place of employment, then perhaps you should consider taking a look elsewhere. Don’t settle and don’t become complacent. If you feel you have more to offer, or you want to be happy more often about going into work than you currently find yourself, then perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at Taunton Trades Ltd. for your next opportunity.

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