5 Best Heat Pump Winter Maintenance Tips

February 12, 2020
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Nobody likes the cold weather, especially when it means extra maintenance or preventative measures for your home’s HVAC system. Although it may seem like a nuisance, you’ll regret it year-round if you do not sufficiently protect and treat your heat pump’s outdoor section at the change of season. Here are the 5 best things you can do for your heat pump this winter:

Protect It From The Elements
Keep snow, ice, leaves, and other debris away and off your outdoor unit. As the fall winds down and most if not all leaves have fallen, be sure to clean up around the outdoor section of your heat pump to ensure that the free flow of air through the unit is not affected.

Be Proactive With Build-Up
Check on your heat pump throughout the winter for signs of ice or snow build-up. The last thing you want is for the build-up to damage your unit and cause costly damages. In fact, snow and ice build-up can prevent the drainage of the heat pump during defrosting. The water that does not drain away can refreeze and possibly pinch the piping within the condenser coil of the unit, potentially causing a refrigerant leak.

Remove Snow and Ice
If you notice snow and ice buildup, remove it immediately. Remove as much as you can manually then use warm water to melt and remove the remaining pieces of ice or snow. Be sure that any ice dams are removed from the drainage points on your unit.

Keep Heat Pump Away From Gutters
Don’t let your outdoor unit sit beneath any leaky gutters. This will cause ice buildup, will restrict airflow, and cause the whole unit to freeze up. While the unit does have a defrost cycle, additional water and ice from the environment around it can reduce the effectiveness of this cycle, thus reducing the efficiency of the system.

Ensure Your Unit Is Elevated
Heat Pumps should be elevated anywhere between 12 – 18 inches above ground level. This keeps coils clear of snow and ice and will allow it to drain properly, reducing the chances of build-up.

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