4 Signs That Your Pool Heater Needs To Be Replaced

June 1, 2022
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Pool season is finally here! If you like to swim late into the night, you most likely have a pool heater to ensure your late-night swims are done in warm water. As you are testing out your pool for the summer, you might be noticing that your pool heater is not performing as it used to. If you are unsure whether your pool heater needs a replacement, continue reading to learn about the 4 signs that it needs to be replaced!

1. Poor Performance

Depending on the type of pool heater you have, you might notice that your pool is not working as well as it did when you initially purchased it. If it is not performing as it used to, it most likely needs to be replaced. Gas fired pool heaters typically only last around 10-12 years, so if you have had your pool heater for more than 10 years, that is already an indication that a replacement should be in check.

2. Poor Water Chemistry

Poor water chemistry can damage a pool heater, even if it has just been installed! When your water has unbalanced pH levels, your pool heaters are more likely to leak. With pool heaters, poor water chemistry can also affect both the efficiency and longevity of the heater. It is highly recommended that you have your water tested regularly and that you keep these results for your records, so that any trends in deteriorating water conditions can be linked to other issues that may arise around the pool environment!

3. Making Strange Noises

You might have heard strange noises coming from your pool heater. If this is the case, it is extremely important to hire a professional to check it out! While grinding noises might indicate an obstruction, a whistling noise might imply that there is a gas flow restriction. You might think that a simple repair can fix your pool heater, but if you have heard these noises for a while and have not done anything about them, it is a sign that your pool heater needs to be replaced!

4. Increase In Energy Cost

There are times when your pool heater seems to be working normally, however, if you check your energy costs you might notice that they are more expensive than usual. This is because your pool heater might be working 2 times as hard as it should be working in order to compensate for non-visible irregularities. If you are bothered by your expensive energy bills, you should look into replacing your pool heater. In fact, you might be paying more money now then you would if you replaced your pool heater.

If you do not have a pool heater, you should consider getting one installed! Having a pool heater will allow you to swim longer during the day and make the most of your entire pool season. For more reasons on why you should consider getting a pool heater, check out our past blog here.

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