4 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Air Filter

February 5, 2020
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

Air filters are often an overlooked part of your central HVAC system; however, they are absolutely critical to keep the air in your home as clean and healthy as possible. Here are four important reasons why you should always check and change your air filter:

Prevent Damage To Your HVAC System
A clogged air filter can cause costly & unwanted damage to your HVAC system such as heating/ cooling failure or even overloading your HVAC system to work harder to perform. Simply changing your air filter can prevent this.

Ensure Clean, Healthy Air
Changing your air filter ensures that clean, fresh, healthy air is always cycling throughout your home. Things such as dust, pollen, and other small particles in the air will be effectively removed. This benefits everyone in the household, especially children, the elderly, and those suffering from allergies and/ or asthma.

Save Money
Air filters can actually help you save a significant amount on operating costs. A clogged and dirty air filter makes your air handling unit work harder than it should in order to keep up with what your home’s settings are demanding, resulting in a high energy bill and weak output.

Protect the Environment
As mentioned above, neglecting to change your air filter means that your air handling unit must work harder to compensate for the lack of airflow. This affects the environment as the extra work of your HVAC unit is consistently releasing unnecessary amounts of greenhouses gasses into the air. Simply changing your filter can help reduce your carbon footprint dramatically.

Homeowners can change their air filters on their own, however, it is also extremely important to receive regular scheduled maintenance and checkups for your air filters and HVAC unit. Experts at Taunton Trades can help you do just that! We have solutions for all your HVAC problems. Call us today at 905.493.4227 or email us at to get the most reliable service for your air handling unit.


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