3 Water Heater Maintenance Tips

September 11, 2019
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to ensure that your water heater remains working at its optimal condition. Increase your water heater’s efficiency and longevity by following these simple tips below:

Test The TPR Valve
To do this, shut off the power and cold-water supply valve. Place a bucket under the valve to catch water flow, lift the valve’s tab to let out water. If the water continues to flow after a few seconds and does not shut itself off, replace your TPR valve, as it is not in proper working condition.

Drain and Clean The Tank
Draining and washing your tank to remove sediment is essential for ensuring longevity. Do this simply by draining water into a bucket, stirring sediment on the bottom of the tank, and repeatedly flushing it out until the water comes out completely clear. Be sure that the power is off as you do this.

Insulate The Pipes
Use 3/8 inch-thick foam pipe insulation that matches the pipe’s diameter to insulate the pipe. Wrap this around the pipes to prevent condensation in the summer and other pipe related problems.

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