3 Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

July 8, 2019
Posted in: Homeowner Tips

It is not uncommon for pollutants to make their way inside a home. When they do, they become trapped within the enclosed spaces within your home and eventually build up to cause poor air quality and polluted air.

In most cases, indoor air pollution is not even at the fault of homeowners. It is therefore essential to understand the following causes and solutions to indoor air pollution so that you may not risk ingesting it. Here are the 3 most common causes of indoor air pollution and poor indoor air quality.

We all know about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoking. If you smoke indoors, smoke will get trapped inside the contained area of the home rather than dispersing into the air outside. To solve this problem, encourage smokers to smoke outside or quit altogether.

Mold and Fungi
Moisture leads to mold and fungi. When these types of substances grow within the home, it negatively affects air quality. Mold and fungi growth must be dealt with and removed immediately so that the people within the home do not get sick.

Radon is a very dangerous gas that is colourless and odorless. It can enter the home through cracks in foundation, building joints, and drains, and due to insulation and the enclosed space of the home, it builds inside the home instead of escaping. Professionals can test the levels of cancer-causing radon in your home. Contact professionals who are certified under the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) to get qualified testing and adequate help solving the problem.

These causes of poor home air quality are scary yet important to consider within your home. Thankfully there are ways to solve these issues including regular inspections and home check ups and the installation of air filtration systems. Take care of air pollution starting where you can—your home. If you are interested in installing an air filtration system to better the air quality in your home, contact us today at 905-493-4227 or Don’t hesitate on allowing our industry professionals to get you the safe and healthy home air quality that you desire.


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